Write Like You are Possessed

Every day now I get asked by my website clients.

Help me, help me, help me to show up for search.

Before we go any further work out how much a converted visitor to your website is worth.

For the initial weeks I recommend that you get faster and more focused at typing.  Allocate 30 minutes a day, turn off distractions and type as if the world is going to explode if you don’t type like a maniac for those minutes.  No don’t get coffee, not don’t peek at email.

Type, mad high speed , tongue out, headphones on with music playing, no distractions, just typing.

Depending on how fast you type (and if you do this you will get faster) you will end up what we like to call content.  Invariably it will be crap, with spelling mistakes, poor grammar but it will reflect a topic that you have some thoughts, expertise on and perhaps once it is edited worth sharing with the world.

Most professional writers first drafts look like crap as well but they follow the steps below to make it look better for the big bad world.

Editing and Polishing

The magic of great copywriting is getting the right topic of course but it is editing that transforms a piece of mush into something decent. Here is my editing process for most posts and pages I write.

  • I print out the first draft.  Yes I print it it as when I read on screen my eyes drift and I get distracted.
  • I take it to my table and with a pen mark up and scratch till I feel it looks better.
  • Then I edit on screen.
  • I try to make sentences shorter and make words simpler.
  • Then I print again and I leave it sit for an hour and go off and do something else
  • Then I read it and make some more edits.
  • If it is something that I really want to promote I use and editor to look at ti again.
  • Then I share it and schedule it on my social networks.