SEO – Day One – The Blank Stare

SEO is 90% hard work.  A bit of knowledge, no “secret sauce” (hate that word) but a lot of grind.  You try things, create some content see it doesn’t work, try and get a guest post, fail try again.  You get the picture.  But what to do first?

Firs things First – Decent Content

No matter what you needs some decent content.  If you are content light then no matter how good you are search engines will fly by and not pay attention.  There are tons of great sites out there to give you guidance on how to write and even what to write if you are not sure where to begin.

But at least start writing.  Even if it isn’t on the site.  Get out a notebook or its electronic equivalent and start taking notes about what you think are decent topics,

My number one tip though is to write for your customers.  Don’t write about what you do write about what you do to help customers, improve their lives and deliver value.  It is interesting from time to time to write a blog post on how you work perhaps but the Whats In It For Me rule applies when people read website content.

Creating decent to great content is super hard work and invariably needs more than you to accomplish this. Why?

Well no matter how fast or well or often you write what you write needs editing.  You can stare and stare at your content and still not spot errors.  You are competing for eyeballs and making people stay on your site to take action so spending the time to make your articles great is worth it.

Less is More