Optimising Your Social Media Management

My social stream tended to be split roughly evenly into something like this.

  • Useful links from time to time
  • Various comments on whatever came into my mind
  • Interactions with people.

But in addition there would be long periods of complete silence where I either was too busy or just didn’t have the interest or ideas for content to share.

However it is in your interest to keep your  your brand and persona in people’s social streams.  The obstacle for many is finding the time, getting ideas and not dumping the ideas all in one go and cluttering the stream and pissing people off.

For the past year or so I have used two tools which make life really easy to keep my social active and even better they are free (I pay for the pro versions now but you can survive fine with the free ones).


I am not going to do a deep explanation of buffer as well Buffer does it quite fine themselves.  What Buffer does simple and well is that it allows you to schedule your posts over as long a period as possible.

For example if you have a blog post that you want to share with some comment on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin you can schedule it for all of these networks at different times and repeat them out as far as you want.

buffer social planningYou can set specific schedules for different social networks.

If you are browsing and see a link that you think your network would like. Use the browser extension and queue it up for sharing. Done!

With this feature you can then spend 15-20 minutes planning your sharing for the day.

This doesn’t mean that you should become a robot it just means that you are active without being annoying.  You of course can and should still jump in to converse but the tool helps with the things that probably you wanted to do already but hadn’t the time.

What used to happen to me also was that I would come across a link that I thought would be great to share but I had already been sharing and on someones social stream that hasn’t many followers it can become really flooded (think baby pictures people!).  Now I just buffer it.

Which segways into Feedly.


Feedly is an RSS reader.  Don’t know what RSS is – Wikipedia will tell you – it is old school but till amazing for scanning news at hyper speed.

I have had an RSS feed forever.  My RSS feed has over 700 feeds from the past 8-9 years.  It covers everything from SEO to newspapers in places I lived down through years.  I read my RSS feed once or twice a day and if I read a link that It think is shareable well Feedly integrates with Buffer so in one click it gets scheduled.

Feedly is super easy to use and they have lots of great tips to get you going.

Go Pro

For someone like me who actually does social for 3-4 clients at a modest enough cost, having the tools above means that I can do a client social for the day (or with one even for the week) in one sitting and at most 30 minutes.  Add in some interactions I have to do answering the odd question or passing on the hard questions you can do basic social media marketing for a client or yourself in under 2 hours a week once you get good at it.

Getting great at is another days work of course but tools like these lighten the load enormously.