Oh No Content is King Rears its Head

I hate the phrase Content is King.  But it is true.  Having a site with little or no decent is the number one failing of website owners.  They spend money on the design put up the usual yawn pages About, Our Products, and Contact and leave it hoping it will do some magic.

But writing content isn;t hard.  It is just time consuming.  And when Twitter interferes or a phone call we skip and over time we never even get to develop the habit.

The mistake we make is that we think we need to write lots of it and write it all at once.

If you just work out a topic that is useful, that you can add value to and is of keyword value for search and then allocate 30 minutes a day to if for 5 days then after 2.5 hours you should have something pretty decent. Your workflow would be something like this.

The Content Creation Process

Write like crazy.  Don’t stop or edit or review or even look up.  Pound out 800-1000 words in the first half hour.

  • Save it.
  • Then come back to it and edit and fix the typos, poor sentence structures.  Perhaps move a sentence here and there.
  • I then like to print it out and get a pen (red!) and edit it the old fashioned school method.
  • Make edits
  • Get some images to make the content look a bit better.  Buffer recently did an article on great places to get free images. I created the featured image for this post using their Pablo tool.  I have PhotoSHop but this is quick and easy like Canva .
  • Share it with some people who will give you feedback.  Having an informal editing group can really help in spotting typos that you missed, dumb sentences, inconclusive statements and repetition (my biggest error in content).
  • Then do some internal linking on the page to other parts of your site that the reader will find useful and Google will too.
  • Take a break.
  • Have one last read
  • Post it!

Better Content

Another bettered and worn phrase is “Low Hanging Fruit”.  I am just like you I find it hard to get good ideas for content.  But here is how I do it.

I google a keyword related phrase in a niche.

I skip the first 3-4 results as really I will find it hard to beat those results (at the moment!!).  I then look at the results further down the results.  I then write a piece of content that is 1.5X better than that in areas like.

  1. Detail
  2. Length
  3. Imagery
  4. Listing of steps.
  5. Level of English (as in simple to read)
  6. Additional Information above and beyond what was in that article

I also borrow heavily from the articles that are ranking above me for material and inspiration.  Doing  this type of article takes a bit of time but here is my tip for you. It is better to spend two weeks writing something well than two days writing something that is garbage.  Of course if you can build up a skill set that allows you to create amazing content quickly then you are ahead of the pack right away.

It is better to spend two weeks writing something well than two days writing something that is garbage.