Image Is Everything

Technical SEO can cover all sorts of nitty gritty crap but one thing you should look at on your sites posts and pages is your images.  Here are the main areas to look at.

Big Is Not Beautiful

Make sure your images are not huge.  By this I don’t mean width and height, I mean don’t load up a 3Mb image from your SLR and hope it won’t affect the loading of your page.  Slow loading pages suck and people will bail if it takes too long.

You can make your image smaller using Photoshop or may other cheap and free tools out there.   I use a tool called Shrink-O-Matic for my sites nearly every day.

For the web an image does not need to be too large in Mbs so make it as small as possible without it being too grainy.

Name It Correctly

You should name your image appropriately.  Don’t keep the default name that it came off your camera.  Take the time to give it a decent search engine friendly name.  Don’t even think of SEO.  If it is a read apple then name it so.  Don’t name it Graphic Design just to improve your SEO.

Alt Tag

Alt tags are an additional field that you can add to your image description to tell the search engines exactly what it is.  Again you can add something like “Red Apple in Wisconsin Orchard” to tell the search engines what this image is.

Google can’t tell what an image is without good names and the above Alt tags.

The Benefits

The benefits for this are that you will over time if you follow these simple tips end up with a site that has well named images with decent Alt tags.  Google will see their names and build associations in its index.

The benefits are minor but they dod deliver some on page value so for the few seconds per image it takes it is worth the effort.