Google Local Changes Search Results 7-Pack Goes 3-Pack

Google in the past number of days has updated how it presents local results. We are familiar with local results with the familiar results of map and up to recently 7 businesses presented. This has now been cut to 3. The buzz word used is “7-pack” versus “5-pack”.

The Google local results used to take up a lot of search real estate so this leaves room for other organic results but impacts those who were showing up in this space in the past due to optimised local listings.

the new layout is also optimised for mobile and is another move of Google along with their recent mobile algorithm update to focus more and more on the ver growing percentage of mobile users.

Clicking on the 3 pack results link (as opposed to the website icon or directions now pushes you to a full listing of local results with an expanded map and details on the business clicked.

Google Plus has been completely removed as Google slowly buries it in public.

This rollout may not be in all geographical regions quite yet but we can assume that it will be live everywhere in the coming weeks if not days.

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