The Paid Stuff

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I help freelancers (and others) get started with marketing and SEO with no bullshit help, actionable tasks for you (and for me) and one on one consultation over a 4 week period.

It one on one consultancy costs $375 and covers the following

  • On boarding questionnaire which gets your needs, current state of play in search and any other SEO activities that you may have engaged in.
  • My review of your website.
  • 1-on-1 Skype hour long call to formulate an action plan, give you advice, listen to your questions and answer them and focus on what will work for you.
  • I do a deeper analysis of your site and SEO status
  • A detailed action plan will be emailed to you with 2-3 days of the call that is specific to you.
  • Follow Up Skype 1 week later to review this plan.
  • Emails in between to clarify any items. (Some will be automated some personal).
  • Follow Up Skype 1 week later to see that all actions are in progress and set the stage for future activities that can help you long term.
  • Lots of informal touch points in between.
  • Close out Skype call.

So you get 3 one on on one calls, a personal action plan, a lot (not too much) solid information and basicllay stuff that will work.

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What Happens Next?

Once you sign up I send you a start up sheet that gets the above information from you, and sets up our call.

From then on it is a lot of one to one contact for the following 4 -6 weeks. You will learn a lot but more importantly start doing things every day to improve your ranking in very specific areas.

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