Do you create great products, know your art back to front? But you don't know
how to grow your online presence.

Of course SEO and focused inbound marketing will help you to do this.
But where to start? Basic SEO practices and marketing is where it starts. I can help you to both start and most importantly keep going.

I was like you once. I had no idea how to get customers on board,
I didn't know why they weren't visiting my website.

I read tons of blogs and was overwhelmed by the amount of information
that was there. I dipped into some things and gave up. Then over time
I found out what DID work and now have a steady stream of clients, and show others like you how to market themselves online.


  • Actionable emails that outline in practical steps what will work for you to improve your search engine ranking and visibility online.
  • Membership of a Facebook group that allows you share your marketing challenges with others in the same boat.
  • Clear examples of what works and doesn't work.
  • Insight into the best free and paid tools that will allow you be way more productive.


What you get from above is a lot of useful information. You can sign up and I can support / mento you as well if you wish.. If you want to avail of my services then I can mentor you along your marketing journey then let me know . .